Rosewater has had a royal history of exemplary beauty benefits which has been a secret to none. This organic elixir is absolutely magical!

Flora Blush’s Hydrating Rose Mist spray is 100% natural & Alcohol-free as it’s prepared with the ancient method of steam distillation which extracts the pure essence of real rose petals only for unbeatable purity. Ditching the chemicals, it’s free of parabens, sulfates, preservatives, and synthetical colors. It is absolutely vegan enriched with the righteousness of roses.

Using this rose mist spray for toning regularly gives your skin a healthy rosy glow. It hydrates your skin and re-energizes the exhausted and dull skin. It reduces skin redness, soothes the irritation caused by heat, and tackles dark circles. It soothes your skin and allows it to breathe

Its beauty benefits are not just restricted to the skin but it can also be used as a hair hydrating serum which repairs your hair effortlessly.

For a more refreshing and soothing effect, store the mist in the refrigerator. Wash your face with an organic wash and spray the mist to hydrate your skin. It’s a must-have in your skincare regime!

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